Monday, September 18, 2006

Talk radio in trouble

Aside from the partisan bickering which seems to divide everyone when conversing about topics from football teams to hotdishes, talk radio is tanking. Oh, yea, some will say that their form of God, Sean Hannity, is the best thing to hit the airwaves since the revival of the primetime game show but the rumblings, if not facts, are there.

Look, for instance, at our own Twin Cities. The biggest talk radio shake-up was about nine months ago when what many considered to be the very heart of AM 1500 KSTP was brutally ripped out by Clear Channel's upstart 100.3 KTLK-FM. The second FM talk station in the twin towns was promoted as the next big thing. So far, its ratings have been the lowest of any commercial format yet on that particular frequency, including the benchmarks it is judged against -- its rock format, the WLOL incarnation with classic hits and the sleepy 'jazz' format which featured ratings noticeably higher than the talk is currently pulling in. Hell, KTLK-FM is pulling in ratings points just above that of WFMP which features (from what I can deduce) woman talking ALL DAY. It sounds like the audio gathered from a quilting bee complete with commercials.

KTLK-FM, though, was Clear Channel's great white hope. As of the last ratings reports, it stands just three-tenths of a point above the local Air America affiliate. And that's from a network that is rumored to be bankrupt at least once a month.

In a country where everyone has an opinion, maybe people are wearing thin of it being broadcast on the nation's radio waves 24/7. Maybe Clear Channel will ditch Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on the format-of-the-month station in Minneapolis and replace it with Lesbian Spanish Talk/Country Music and it will stick but I won't be holding my breath.

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I notice that besides not mentioning WCCO, you neglect the Morning Show...what's up with that, padre?