Monday, September 18, 2006

Pope manages to stick foot in mouth

While the one who wears the pope hat and is escorted to and from public appearances in the fanciest pope-mobile one could hope for is busy quoting and endorsing centuries old writings, he managed to offend Islam as a whole. If anything has been learned in the past 25 years it is that you don't generalize an entire population and denegrate them in one fell swoop.

The former member of the Hitler Youth and current head of the Catholic church (the same Catholic church which I belong to) actually saw the error of his ways today by issuing an apology. While I am sure that he meant the words he spoke during his apology (the pope is much more believable than our nation's elected officials) it is a case of too little too late.

While I am sure this won't set off any type of holy war, it may set off a few riots in some powder kegs around the globe in a time when any uprising seems to be pinpointed on Islamo-fascists or Muslims. Much like a robbery in L.A. would be pinned on a member of the African-American population.

While the writings the pope was quoting do have their place in history, they are just that. We learn from history but repeating it word for word will only doom us to repeat it.

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SlimAdam said...

my friend i must inform you that the pope is hardly at any fault. the comments he made were not his views personally but were qouted from a speech given long ago. he was siting this speech for whatever reason but does not endorse these views. or so i've heard.