Friday, September 15, 2006

Odd news

I was missing in action yesterday with a full plate of tasks that had been waiting far too long for some much-needed attention. I even went as far as asking the missus to sit down for a few minutes and type up a gem for me to no avail.

Without further ado, a wrap-up of events from the past day or so.

As I checked sites which I do daily, I found some disturbing news. Breast-enhancing bras for girls as young as six years old in stores in Australia. At least wait for bob envy until middle school. Most six year-olds still have the occasional bladder control issue. The chesticles should not be the focus.

The Minnesota Twins, though, have left behind their boobish ways of earlier in the baseball season and pulled to within one game of first place in the American League central division with a win over the Cleveland Indians last night. A win tonight would bring the team closer if coupled with a Chicago White Sox loss of course. Maybe the Twins should rethink their desperate need for that new stadium even though last night's win was on the road. They seem to play small ball quite well in the torturous confines of Metrodome despite losing Liriano in the pitching rotation Wednesday afternoon.

One thing you may have trouble finding at Metrodome is Spinach. I am certain that it's never been a popular fixing on a Hormel brand dome dog but a E-Coli outbreak has people in 8 states sick or even dead. Popeyes of the world are encouraged to return or discard any bagged spinach which they may have recently purchased. Somewhere, Olive Oil is crying over her suddenly wimpy fella.

Lastly, one not-so-wimpy fella has found himself in the slammer. Ironically enough, Dog Chapman, semi-famous for his A&E reality show chronicling his team of bounty hunters on the Hawaiian island of Oahu was arrested along with two of his family members/employees. The three face jail time for bounty hunting in Mexico which is illegal. The group failed to appear in court before Mexican authorities after posting bail three years ago after capturing Max Factor heir Andrew Luster.

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