Thursday, September 21, 2006

Name calling at its second finest

I loves me a good war of words as much as the next guy.

With that being said, local blog American Hot Sausage recently called out the boys at anti-strib after a post where blogger Tracy recanted the racial cross-section of his area of Minneapolis. He also managed to stereotype liberals with the following list...

1. Don’t talk about what you see.
2. Listen only to the biased media, they cover for groups that they
3. Don’t ask any hard question, you may not like the anwers.
4. Never ever say a bad thing about a minority; or a good thing about
western civilization.

Things took off from there as a retalitory post at anti-strib took their stab at Onion-esque 'humor'.

The ball then returned to AHS's court where there were two more quote-filled posts throwing punches in the direction of anti-strib.

After the first post at anti-strib, the folks at minvolved got involved and started slinging some muddy words much in the fashion of Minnesota's republican U.S. senate candidate Mark Kennedy who is handily second place in current polls.

In the end, Mr. Sponge at MinVolved throws out an actual explanation about stereotypes and how they are capable of working both ways. It sure beats the earlier retort of anti-strib's chief but I will be the first one to say that I am not above hauling out my box-o-stereotypes. It's filled to the brim with terms such as cracker, whitey, honky, hood-rat, skank, tramp, whore, meth-smoking wife-beater-wearin' pock-marked sunken-eyed Kid-Rock lovin' redneck and a plethora of others I have previously used. That's right, I engage in name-calling and take it in return. It has happened before and I am sure it will happen again. And remember, here NOTHING is off limits, including pictures of rhinos fornicating.

Peace out crackers. And much love to all my hood-rats.


No said...

Did I thank you for posting those rhinos? I think I do...also thanks for mentioning WCCO in an earlier post...

Just call me white trash.(that's why my sister in law calls me anyway--who is not white).

No said...

but she is not black either..