Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My hometown does me proud -- again

Somewhere in greater Mower County, a trailer park dwelling SPAM addict has a very happy and chunky wife after he pulled off this theft...

'PIGGIN' license plates stolen at pork show

AUSTIN, Minn. -- A Missouri man in Austin for last week's "National Barrow Show" is going home without his license plates after they were stolen.

The man said his pickup truck was parked on the fairgrounds in Austin when the front and back plates were stolen in broad daylight.

For the thief, the plates might be a unique souvenir from the "World Series of Swine Shows." The vanity plates said, "PIGGIN".

Add this to the fact that the city has a shrine to SPAM, holds a SPAM festival each year, has concrete pigs decorated and placed throughout the city, is home to a boy who found himself caught inside of 'The Claw Game' and I am proud to say that I spent many years of my life as an Austinite.

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