Monday, September 25, 2006

Mark Kennedy pulls campaign stunt with website

In the wake of a blogger cracking the password to the website of the advertising agency working with the Mark Kennedy campaign and subsuquently showing the ad to an Amy Klobuchar staffer, for which the staffer was fired, Kennedy has 'shut down' all pages on his website EXCEPT the contributions page.

At first glance, it seems a bit sketchy that all but one page would be shut down on any particular website. What is even more peculiar is the manner in which the 'shutdown' occurred. Being a webmaster in a previous life, I know a bit ofthat infamously confusing HTML code which brings websites to life. The Kennedy campaign hack who aided in this 'Websites for Dummies' by leaving such stupid 'commented out' text clearly visible in what seems to have been done by an eighth grade multimedia student.

While this stunt by Kennedy, whose site wasn't compromised in any way by a blogger (remember, the ad agency website's password protection was cracked), doesn't deserve any attention, it still does and it's great to see people uncovering the truth behind such sloppy and shady politics.

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