Monday, September 11, 2006

Looney fringe helps conservative make her point

Krazy Konserva-Kolumnist Katherine Kersten strikes again today with her latest column. At least the Star Tribune draws a line between the writing of their columnists (opinions) and their reporters (news). Her latest thoughts coming from under her poodle-style tightly permed hair have to do with 9/11 and the conspiracy theories surrounding that fateful day.

She managed to track down the most batshit crazy person in the entire state who holds theories such as remote-controlled jets striking the World Trade Center, faked phone calls using voice synthesizers from Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania and even going as far as to believe that the crash of U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone's plane in northern Minnesota in 2002 was the work of a secret military weapon which overwhelmed the plane's electronics.

The entire purpose of involving this fringe lunatic's theories was to, in turn, prove that the 16% (over 48 million) of Americans who believe that the government played a part in or allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen is, by association, insane.

I think differently. There is far too much conflicting information and, by association of those in power, too much distrust to simply turn a blind eye to what happened five years ago and write it off as terrorism. After all, it was mere hours after the attacks that the pictures of the hijackers were blanketed across all forms of media in the world. If America simply had no idea that this could happen, how did those in power know so soon who was behind the attacks.

It is our duty as Americans to question our government. They work for us, not vice versa. Lastly, a government should fear its citizens because it is us who control their destiny.


SlimAdam said...

you have to stop watching v for vendetta, buddy. maybe the west wing?

Brian said...

Couldn't help that last reference - it was on just last night on PPV