Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Killer marshmallows in Canada

A London, Ontario woman collapsed and died after cramming 100 marshmallows into her mouth while playing a game of 'Chubby Bunny'. In this game, contestants stuff marshmallow after marshmallow into their food holes and attempt to say the words 'chubby bunny'. Apparently, 100 was just too many for her. The contest has been altered for future years to top out at a mere 75 marshmallows.

All I can say is I have competed in a contest like this. 33 jumbo marshmallows was my breaking point as they turned to a sugary cream that oozed from my mouth making it impossible to utter the words 'chubby bunny'.

The sad thing is, with the Ontario version of the contest, the reward was... a 20 lb. bag of Chubby brand marshmallows. Ironic.

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