Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have a problem with this

Give me an F’in break! If you’re too poor to pop $80 for the privilege to
vote should you be voting in the first place?

--Tracy at local blog Anti-Strib

Tracy at Anti-Strib (Google it, it isn't worth promoting them with a link) has his head planted so far up his ass all he can breathe is his own fecal matter. That one thoughtless statement is enough to send some individuals directly over the edge of reason and sanity.

By definition of his blind statement, if you don't have the $80 (the fee to obtain a passport for the purpose of voter identification) for a passport, you shouldn't be voting. What the hell is that? Essentially, if you can't scratch up 80 bucks and find the time to obtain a passport, you shouldn't vote. Well, in his Garden of Eden only the wealthy would vote. Why should one be forced to obtain a PASSPORT simply to cast their ballot? I feel that adding such a hassle-inducing procedure would greatly reduce the number of votes cast and greatly sway the outcome of elections for the forseeable future.

Tracy's idiotic statement seems to pander directly to the stereotypes many have of the republican party as a whole. Increasing the difficulty of a rather easy process and turning people away because there needs to be a standardized process for everything.

I don't know that I would pony up 80 bucks for the privilege to vote. I have been voting since I was of age to do so. Only once was I on the voter log as being registered in that particular precinct and that was in 1998. Since then I have done nothing but move. I have always been able to use a combination of my driver's license and a utility bill to prove my place of residence and cast my vote.

If republicans are so distraught over voter fraud in such places as South Dakota or Milwaukee, they need to open their eyes to the reported vote irregularities in Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000. Regardless of what election was stolen, stealing is stealing but making it harder to vote by requiring what is essentially a fee IS NOT the answer.

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betmo said...

i concur. it is bad enough that these 'folks' want a dichotomy here in america. if people don't have the right to vote freely- then are we really a democracy anymore? in that case, no one should be voting.