Wednesday, September 27, 2006

First Avenue to be whored up

In an attempt to make up for slow months at Minneapolis concert venue/nightspot 'First Avenue', there may now be billboards added to the exterior of the very club where Prince has played and 'Purple Rain' was filmed.

Are the owners of the club trying to bring Times Square to downtown Minneapolis? This dank and depressing eyesore of a building is what makes the Minneapolis music scene so great. The dingy black building across the street from the Target Center has been the downtown destination for concerts of up and comers, big ticket names and waning stars for over three decades and placing tacky billboards is morally wrong.

However, I work in advertising and being the media genius that I am I can say that advertising works and it is everywhere. You can't piss in the suburbs without looking at advertising in the men's room. The Interstate 35 split south of Forest Lake in the middle of a corn field, as of last weekend, was home to no less than a dozen Clear Channel radio station billboards -- most of which were for country station K102.

Advertising is big money and a prime spot in the heart of the downtown Minneapolis night scene such as First Avenue would draw some pretty high rates. Everyone has a message to share and while I wish this wouldn't happen I know it will eventually, so next time I wait to be patted down before seeing a concert, I can look up and check out all the gawdy, brightly colored, seizure inducing advertisements on what used to be a simple and former Greyhound bus depot.

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