Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clinton tackles Fox on their own turf

Bill Clinton. He is not only the nation's former president but is emerging as a truth-telling do-gooder. He is also standing up for the truth during TV interviews where the main focus begins as Clinton's Global Initiative and sometimes turns into an attack on his stance and tactics on thwarting bin Laden. Clinton's well-spokenness and calm demeanor help him handle these situations with grace and ease as he avoids the stumbling and hmmming and hawing we have become accustomed to over the past five years.

This very thing happened on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Wallace's interview began innocent enough with questions about the Global Initiative and the work being done with it. It quickly devolved into Wallace aiming to pin the blame for 9-11 on Clinton and his administration. Clinton struck back by openly admitting that he had failed in his mission to kill bin Laden but left the incoming Bush administration with the tools necessary to if not kill bin Laden but keep him at bay and on the run.

Richard Clarke, terrorist czar, had worked for two decades beginning with Reagan and ending with George W. Bush where Clarke was demoted. He was billed by Clinton and other former presidents as a trustworthy and knowledgeable man but apparently didn't fit the 'inner circle' style of adminstration Bush was building. Clinton went on to say that Bush had eight months of warnings and preparation time leading up to 9-11. More than enough time had the warnings been heeded and his endless vacations cut short to actually pay attention to the tasks at hand.

I congratulate Clinton for publicly calling Chris Wallace out on his interview tactics and the relatively soft-ball questions and free ride given to republicans and the demeaning nature of questions asked democrats. Moments like those on Fox remind us all of what is wrong with America and how we are constantly being divided.

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enigma4ever said...

Plus in Richard Clarke's Book" Against All Enemies" it lays out fully that there was indeed a PLANNED approach to terrorism as well as NBin Laden. The "ALEX PROJECT" was a joint co-operative team approach ( CIA&FBI) that did indeed work to prevent and monitor Bun Laden's efforts. Under Bush the Alex Project was basically dismantled and gutted of manpower and jurisdiction- and finally about a year ago he shut it completely down- and so when Bush says the "hunt is still on" - I do indeed know he is full of shit.

Another good book is "the Man who tried to warn America" about John O'Neill with the FBI,(he died in the twin towers 911) about the efforts to thwart Bin Laden.

Another books is John Miller-"The Cell", both show how ineptly this Regime have dealt with Terror.

The ONE thing that the MSM NEVER bring up is the August 6th2001 Pres Daily Briefing WARNING MEMO about BIN LADEN PLANNING TO USE PLANES> that ALL of BUSHCO hid - and was not revealed until Summer 2004....and remains buried...

okay I have rambled enough here....sorry...