Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bush gets asked tough questions for first time

Wednesday night, outside his comfort zone, Bush was asked what sounded like questions that weren's pre-approved by his staff on a CBS special with Katie Couric. It's refreshing to see this and it is one of only a handful of times that there has been a one-on-one interview with Bush where his answers weren't written by someone else. She also did what has rarely been done in the past six years, she called him out on his reasons for invading Iraq.

Asked how he responds to that, the president told Couric, "Well, the first thing I would tell people that – we weren’t in Iraq on September the 11th, 2001, when 19 killers killed 3,000 Americans in the most brutal attack on our – on our soil – ever."

"But they were from Saudi Arabia," Couric pointed out.

"No, but they’re – but – but they share the same jihadist mentality, this radicalism," Bush replied. "And so my first answer is on Iraq, the notion that somehow defending ourselves create – is – it's created – made us more vulnerable, just – I just don’t agree with it. Secondly, of course we stand with democracies and our friend Israel. If the United States ever says, 'Oh, my goodness, I don't wanna defend democracy because somebody might harm us,' we will have lost our soul."

As you can see, Bush clumsily dodged answering the actual question but by not answering Couric's question, Bush said more than he has said in his entire presidency. He simply doesn't have honest answers for his actions. He is unwilling to admit that his intelligence he acted on was wrong and refuses to admit that mistakes were made...

But if you ever want to see Bush stumble and bumble with the words he tries to force out of his mouth, check here and try to make sense out of the first quote taken from a speech in our vry own Minneapolis in 2004.

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