Thursday, September 28, 2006

Brodkorb buckles under criticism, gets snippy

Partisan hack Michael Brodkorb has apparently become offended by the fact that his now-disclosed political advisor job for Mark Kennedy (paying a hefty $4,853/month) is becoming heavily criticized in Minnesota. While his blog is clearly an extension of both the Kennedy campaign and his advisor job, he has FINALLY done the right thing by disclosing his profession but still vehemently denies any affiliation between his blog which has steadily increased in senatorial campaign content and his affiliation with the floundering Mark Kennedy campaign.

If the dollar amounts paid as well as the names of staffers is made publicly available, so should the specifics of website domain registrations when their owner seems to be using them to further the efforts of their daytime job as well as a vehicle for paid political campaign efforts. Whether or not MDE is being paid both as an advisor and a blogger for not only the Kennedy campaign but the Minnesota GOP party is a weighty issue and while I am impressed by the continuing efforts of Brodkorb's disclosures I am disappointed in the defensive tone in which he has done so.

After all, if you have nothing to hide, you should not be afraid of transparency in your tactics.

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