Monday, September 11, 2006

Back to life as normal as possible

9-11 aside, the Minnesota Vikings open up their regular season on the road in the nation's capitol. Complete with a new old quarterback, a bunch of no-name wide receivers. New uniforms based on the old ones. A new coach.

What does it all mean? It means that instead of drawing in some true, big name talent our state's NFL team instead decided to focus their efforts on a new theme song. I heard it on the radio this morning and figured it was one of their spoof bits. Nope, this sorry excuse for a song is as real as the deformed bunny outside my office window.

What will this song do for our team? The Vikings are far from hip and do not deserve a hip-hop tune designed for drunken yahoos to cheer on the downtrodden team.

Obviously, the powers that be at Winter Park in Eden Prairie saw fit to commission some two bit ass clowns to write this new blinged out song to distract the seventeen die-hard fans the team has left from the inevitable 6-10 conclusion to the 2006 NFL season.

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