Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And so it happens again

Friday, September 15th, 2006 will be a sad day in the world of music. It marks the day, barring a rather significant miracle, that will cease operations as an internet broadcaster. While some on the internets may be saying that internet-only radio stations are a dime a dozen, they are only partially right. This station, though, was formerly a true-to-life terrestrial radio station meaning that if you were in the area north of Cincinatti, Ohio a couple years back you would have been able to tune it in as you tooled around the Buckeye State.

It is also unique for the fact that after its terrestrial signal was sold, after a few weeks the internet stream lived on thanks to a couple of amazing investors who believed in the truest form of alternative music as well as the DJs from 97X -- yes, it is an internet-only radio station with live DJs. It is unique, too, because the station survived for 20-plus years because it was privately owned. The owners only answered to themselves. While I don't listen as much as I once did, its passing evokes memories of the greatest music I have ever heard and I thank the wonderful DJs at as well as the amazing 97X for turning me on to 'The Future of Rock and Roll'.

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