Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wow, trains kill people when hit

Robert Ronald Smith has a bone to pick with the Light Rail Transit line in Minneapolis. He is perturbed to see that there has been a third death of someone crossing the tracks. That's right, three deaths in eight months over the length of a 7.5 mile line. I am surprised there haven't been more with the worthlessly hurried pace too many mildly retarded drivers seem to hustle about the streets of the Twin Cities.

This one, however, was a bicyclist. What the hell? Couldn't this 'genius' see the bright yellow train careening towards him at 40 MPH? Anyone with half of a brain could recognize that you shouldn't try to cross the damn tracks with a bike if you could SEE the train. Unless you are Superman. This guy was obviously NOT Superman. Superman could STOP a speeding train by using his hand and this guy tried using his bike.

The latest death will be seen by the anti-transit crowd as an excuse to stop the trains dead in their tracks. They scream that trains are antiquated as a mode of transit. I ask them this: do you have another idea for effective mass transit (and we already have busses)?

Accept this death as a lesson learned. Don't try riding your damn bike across the tracks when you can see and hear a bright yellow mass transit train approaching.


SlimAdam said...

personally, i stop for flashing lights and barricades at intersections. but that's just dumb ol' me.

Brian said...

Those two things would be a dead giveaway, pardon the pun.

betmo said...

maybe the guy was suicidal- but damn- there are easier ways to die. not that i am an expert obviously.

Charlie said...

I think that all of these are accidents. I do not belive that someone could suicide in this horrible way. It is too painful. There are things that happen due inadvertency.