Monday, August 14, 2006

Taking off more time than the president

In my efforts to do 27 hours of work in a mere mortal's 24 hour day, I find myself in need of again taking a week off. Factor in the busiest weeks of the year at the bricks and mortar office, a bucket overflowing with long-neglected tasks at the Villa De Sorenson and some new ventures I have already begun and some looming on the horizon; it all makes for a busy time. Plus the wife's Mac needs the OS updated so she can play with all the features on her video iPod. (How she plans to watch any video while driving to and from work and while working out at the local fitness megaplex is beyond me.)

Of course, if the spirit moves me, I may post something of significance but rest assured we will return to your regularly scheduled nonsense in one week. (Damn, 168 hours all to myself!)

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betmo said...

relax- have fun amidst the work!