Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Send him back

It was a normal Saturday night. An average Saturday night in the Twin Cities. Normal until some foul-mouthed New Yorker started recanting his tales of debauchery to some unnamed person at the Minnesota State Fair.

This would have been fine and well but the KDWB 'personality' (J.J. Pado) had left his microphone on and his sailor speak was all that was heard for a number of minutes around 9:30 PM on Cities 97.

How did J.J. from KDWB end up on the air on Cities 97? Well it's the most complicated form of a simple explanation you could ever wish for. The device used by KDWB to communicate with the board operator in their studio was left on and was switched to transmit to Cities 97. Just another case of sharing resources to save a buck gone wrong.

Some of you are wondering how Cities 97 let this 'error' run unchecked for a number of minutes. It's actually quite simple -- there was nobody running the station. After 9 PM Cities 97 had switched to full automation and had nobody listening. It took nearly fifteen minutes and obviously a phone call or two before the minimum wage worker at country station K102 fixed the problem.

In an era where complaints are drawn for simple sexual inuendos during broadcast events, Clear Channel needs to be held to the same standards. Ideally, they should be severely fined as this occurred inside the 'safe hours' where all programming is supposed to be 'decent' for listeners of all ages.

Simply put, J.J. should be released from his job which he has held for only a week after the station fired former evening 'personality' Tyler. KDWB, as well as Cities 97, should be held responsible. KDWB's employee committed the act of indiscretion and with Cities 97 (a station in a top twenty-size market) asleep at the unmanned wheel, nobody was around to catch what could have been stopped in seconds.

Hopefully, this will lead to a bit of housecleaning at Clear Channel's Minneapolis compound.

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