Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Regret voting Bush yet?

The latest icing on the cake are the runaway gas prices which, since 2000, have increased nearly 200% with no end in sight. I am well aware that increased demand leads to increased prices but even the most gullible person would have a hard time buying that debate. It is easy enough to blame Bush and his 'base' or executives and millionaires for not using simple scientific research and plain old methods of conservation to dig us out of our 'fuel shortage'.

This, in turn, has placed our nation one mis-step away from financial turmoil and all out collapse. I take the optimistic outlook on this and say that it won't happen for AT LEAST a year. Maybe even as far away as 14 months. This is for a number of reasons. Our nation blindly keeps printing money and in turn covers the newly created 'wealth' by borrowing actual funds from nations half way around the globe. It's a dangerous house of cards that could collapse if the wind blows in the wrong direction.

One example of that is the war in Iraq which we are bogged down in. This quagmire is costing us billions, if not trillions of dollars. That is one of the reasons for the never ending printing of crisp new paper bills which, in turn, cover this skyrocketing debt.

Couple the increased borrowing with increasing interest rates which are being bumped up to 'stave off inflation'. This one is backwards in my eyes. Wouldn't you want to, in a time when prices are skyrocketing, make funds easier to borrow? Maybe someone can explain the Federal Reserve Bank's thoughts on this one to me.

Factor in the accelerated destruction of the most fragile portions of our planet's ecosystems and the house of cars starts shaking violently. The blame for the environmental woes can be placed on nearly everyone (unless you are a granola-eating hippie living completely off the civilized 'grid' and are 100% self-sustaining). Particularly to blame, though, are the nation's developing countries. Take into account that increasing amounts of fossil fuels are being consumed by China and India who coincidentally are some of our largest lenders to cover our debt and the web becomes even more tangled.

Now imagine if war were to break out with Iran, North Korea, Syria or any one of the middle-eastern countries currently stirring up shit on their own accord. If America saw them as a threat, our nation's military would surely become involved. This would happen if they directly attacked us or not. After all, we are the self-appointed military police of the globe.

If any one of these catastrophes were to happen, would any country or group of countries bail us out? Not likely. America, over the previous five years, has made some rather unpopular moves such as attempting to impose a 'democratic' style of government in Iraq and has hinted at extending this clusterfuck into other nations which do not agree with America's views.

One question lies unanswered... Mr. Bush, where IS that oil from Iraq which was going to pay for the way in its entirety?

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betmo said...

fine questions and observations. i,too, would like answers.