Friday, August 18, 2006

Northwest Airlines sticks foot in mouth, tries removing it

Northwest Airlines published what many would see as an 'Onion'-style pamphlet for its recently fired workers on how to cut costs in a post-employment environment.

Today, though, the airline is apologizing for being a bunch of cynical pricks by telling its former employees to shop at thrift stores and even go as far as dumpster diving to save a buck sans employment.

Bravo to the Eagan, Minnesota based carrier. Your executives who still have their jobs and bloated paychecks showed your true uncompassionate colors and have managed to alienate more of the already small amount of customers your airline has as well as gain a tremendous amount of negative press in the process.


SlimAdam said...

can i say fuck the flight attendants? i mean, seriously...if you don't like the conditions of your job then get another one. stop inconveniencing the rest of us with you spur of the moment strike bull shit and quit your bitching, too.

Leah said...

So here's the deal- I've been a union member at 2 different jobs, one professional(RN) and one unskilled (spam-making, really.) If the pork packers ever decided to strike, I wouldn't bat an eye before saying- Screw that! It'd be unreasonable to go without a weekly check over some mute point when other jobs are all over the place. But... if a nurse's union strikes, it's a last resort, usually over patient loads. Higher loads means more patients die in every study. Not cool. I think that most unions are corrupt and worthless, but my current union protects my job and your life.

Brian said...

Many unions have their place, especially in skilled work, with the airlines, nobody is forcing Northwest to exist, some other company could step in and do a better job and turn a profit without having to ask their employees to take pay cuts. Unions serve, for skilled workers like Leah, to protect their members from being overworked and make sure they are paid fairly. I wish my profession at my place of employment was a member of a union and to sound greedy, only if it meant decent benefits (health care) and raises which actually would put me a bit further ahead each year (3% does not constitute a raise, it is an insult).