Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mark Kennedy called 'weenie', Jason Lewis loves self


"I don't agree with President Bush on everything," says Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R), who's facing a tough re-election campaign this year. "But you don't bail out on your friends just because they have a tough go." Pawlenty calls that a "weenie" maneuver.

With a statement such as this from MN Governor Tim Pawlenty, recently returned KTLK FM afternoon radio talker Jason Lewis would probably bow down and worship Pawlenty (maybe even fellate him). Especially after Lewis, on his first day back in Minneapolis, blasted Kennedy, Light Rail and the state as a whole after seconds earlier declaring his undying love for the state.

Lewis will do and say anything to stay true to his overlords while shilling for his particular party. I have never heard something so repulsive in the course of five minutes as I did when I checked his show out on Monday. Being new to the supreme being that is Lewis, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. He came off, via his intro music, as a self-serving and self-infatuated prick who seems to, like every other self-absorbed conservative, hate anything or anyone who doesn't agree in whole with him.

However, if I was grading radio personalities, Lewis would receive a B-. Inject some humor and your currently dry schtick might appeal rather than offend.

This little tidbit from his bio page is more than vague...

Prior to WBT, Jason spent ten years at Hubbard Broadcasting in Minneapolis, where he was rated number one.

Rated number one in what demographic? Quadrapalegic double amputee deaf men aged 62-85?


SlimAdam said...

yeah, i'm kinda miffed that they axed my lambert and janasek (did i spell that right?). this lewis guy won't be as cool cause he has one viewpoint. L&J were two basically opposing viewpoints who may not have always gotten along but they were always a good listen and you could tell their was some measure of respect. but if they get rid of dan connery i'm gonna stop listening to ktlk.

Nate said...

If you think that Jason Lewis "stays true to his party overlords" then you haven't really listened to him.