Friday, August 25, 2006

A lighthearted Friday, hail yes

If you are even a moderate fan of 'The Simpsons', you are familiar with the city they hail from. Springfield, as luck would have it, is a city which conveniently exists in each and every state in the U.S. mainland. If it's just a map, though, which you desire of the plethora of locales mentioned in TV's longest running animated series, you're in luck. Plus it's an interactive map making it that much cooler.

Enjoy the weekend, I will be biking, maybe enjoying 'Snakes on a Plane' because it's got snakes -- on a motherfuckin' plane and counting the days until the wife's car get repainted after being pelted with yesterday's infant-head-sized hail.

If you're up for it, live like a rock star this weekend.

Finally, I would like to thank this douche for adding to the herd of the brainwashed followers who contributed to snarled traffic across the west side of the Twin Cities on Tuesday. He and his flock of b-list celebrity followers who waded through metro freeways to get a glimpse of their grand leader eat custard and speak Texlish (Texas-English) as he answered questions by not answering anything really pissed off quite a few locals. Thank you, Mr. Bush, for planning your trip's movements to coincide with rush hour traffic. It really worked wonders as I tried to make my way to downtown Minneapolis. Thanks for making me a solid fifteen minutes late for my meeting. Thanks.


betmo said...

happy friday indeed.

Beth said...

You seem a little bitter today.