Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Koren Robinson in the pokey

Go Vikings! Your Minnesota VIkings NFL team lost their pre-season opener Monday night, at home, to the Oakland Raiders. This win handed to the Raiders only further enforces scofflaw and Oakland wide receiver Randy Moss' opinion that his trade to Oakland was a blessing.

This sums up Monday for the Vikings. Tuesday they headed back to training camp in southern Minnesota in Mankato. I can only assume that new head coach Brad Childress ripped the team properly for racking up the first of what I can only assume will be one of about a dozen losses for the 2006 NFL season.

Then came Tuesday night. The drunk Vikes wide receiver Koren Robinson was spotted by St. Peter, MN police (13 miles north of Mankato) speeding on U.S Hwy. 169. As the chase tore down 169 south towards Mankato, Robinson continued to rack up the charges beyond the initial speeding and drunk driving fines.

After finally ending the chase in Mankato, Robinson had added to his laundry list of charges with new crimes such as fleeing police, driving without a valid driver's license and reckless driving.

With the kind of players the Minnesota Vikings have, one might think they are competing with the NBA's criminal-ridden Portland Trailblazers to see how many law breakers they can get onto the active roster.

Robinson, as of this morning, remained in St. Peter, MN's Nicollet County jail. I can only assume he will receive a relatively small fine and be back for the next preseason game. Athletes always get easy breaks even though one needs to be made as an example some time soon.

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