Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hello, my name is Mel Gibson

"I blame Jews for everything that's wrong in the world. Are you listening to me Sugartits? Are you a fucking Jew Sugartits? Give me my fucking Cazadores tequila. It's 3/4 full and in the back seat in a brown paper bag like any self-respecting whino would do. Dammit Sugartits, you fucking Jews made me rich with my self-serving 'Passion of The Christ' flick. Did you know Jesus was a Jew? He's the root of all the problems. Hands off my Lexus Sugartits."

1 comment:

SlimAdam said...

don't care at all if he's antisemitic. i'll care if i plunk down 8 bucks and his movies suck. otherwise, go to town mel! there's a lot worse racists out and about for me to give a shit.