Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Grooming tips before the State Fair

Before I head out to the Minnesota State Fair, I am going to first spiff myself up for the grand occassion.

It will be warm, maybe even hot. To counteract what could be stifling heat from the paved landscape, I will ceremoniously shave my back. At least the parts I can reach. What remains will be a furry strip that will be a fun topic of conversation at parties.

Other grooming tips include making my feet presentable to the public. For this I will clip my toenails as they look eerily close to Fritos corn chips. I will also shave (or wax) the rather lengthy hair cascading from my large toes. It could get caught in some of the moving parts on 'The Zipper'.

The last part of preparing for the fair (in the grooming department) is to shave. Rather than shaving off a day's worth of stubble as I drive to work, I will actually drag my razor and shaving cream from the cabinet and go it the old fashioned way. I wouldn't want to scare off the folks at the fair's side (freak) show. Check them out. It's their first visit since 1990.

There you have it. My way of grooming for the fair.

*Actual results may vary. Some portions of the precending tale are fiction and may not represent actual events.

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betmo said...

does that mean that you will refrain from actually cutting your fritos?