Thursday, August 31, 2006

The fair wears one out

This is what I collected at the Minnesota State Fair. Well this crap and a few thousand calories and a bit of a sunburn. If you will notice, I collected a Governor Tim Pawlenty fan. It is possibly the cheapest marketing gimmick you could possibly use. I got it for two reasons. First it was free, second I got it so I would have a reason to wander past the 'Re-Elect Tim Pawlenty for Governor' booth.

The second reason paid off as Pawlenty himself was mugging for photos on the street in front of his tiny booth. As I walked by, I stopped and posed for a moment and tossed out a question as he glanced in my direction. Not caring if he was listening or not, I asked him if his idea of, as it says on the front of his promotional piece, if 'doing a good job' means raising property taxes which opposes the promise on the back of the little fan that states he wants to CAP PROPERTY TAXES. Talk about a walking contradiction. This goes to prove that Minnesota is ready for a change.

That change is Mike Hatch.

With that out of the way, I can recap my day at the fair. With only three of us in our group, it was easy with only three people's desires to please. After my buddy bought a plethora of t-shirts, we ate a bit of breakfast in buffet form. We wandered the grounds as my retail bitch and soon-to-be journalist buddy bought yet more t-shirts. Mary tagged along and humored me on my quest for a free yard stick. My shortly after noon, I had landed two of them by answering somee painfully simple trivia at the Farm Bureau building. From there we meandered to grab the missus a gyro and wander towards the KFAN 'booth' and watch Dan 'The Common Man' Cole wow the crowd (yes, he draws much more of a crowd than other KFAN personalities managing to actually fill the bleachers) with his social commentary. My retail-bitch buddy also consumed a gyro as the show wrapped up.

From there we headed out on my quest with my stomach becoming empty for some food for myself. We strolled through the south part of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds with my eyes open. I first spotted cheese curds. Then a bratwurst. Then the haunted house (which sucked). Then Mary wanted a bucket of Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies. By this time our feet were sore, our wallets were emptying and our skin was burned. Mary, however, wanted an ironic t-shirt. The Drive 105 FM booth was just the spot. A black tee sporting the phrase 'MP3s are for Losers' was just the thing. She will wear it proubly as she sports her iPod chock full of MP3s. Irony at its finest...

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