Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A fair day to go to the fair

Tomorrow I will be at the Minnesota State Fair. It's been about 15 years since I last went to the Great Minnesota Get-Together and I honestly can't remember much other than the fact that my dad got horribly lost and ended up somewhere in Minneapolis as opposed to the St. Paul side of the river where the fair actually takes place. This, of course, means that I will get lost too and end up spending the morning in Forest Lake rather than Falcon Heights.

Now for some questions from the inbox...

"Sir, what would you do at the fair if you went?"

Such a timely question. That one was from my next door neighbor. He didn't actually e-mail it to me but I'll share my answer with the world now.

I am going to eat. Alot. I'll enter drawings where I can win cool free stuff. I hear that FOX 9 is giving away video iPods. KS95 has a wheel that people can spin and get free stuff. There is an insurance company at the fair which is giving away free yard sticks. Having no yard stick, I fully intend to pick one up so I can measure stuff and find out that my driveway is 2.6 yards wide. There is alos some company handing out what they claim as the largest tote bag at the fair. Tempting to say the least.

I am also going to try and get my hands on a Dan 'The Common Man' Cole t-shirt. I won't be paying $10 bucks for it but maybe I can get my wife to be awed by his charm and she can get the shirt for me. It's all about teamwork. After all of those tasks, I full intend to eat some cheese curds and something odd on a stick.

I'll stop by the Star-Tribune booth and grab myself Sid (Hartman) on a stick -- solely so I can deface the stone age columnist's mug and post pictures of my artistic talent. Maybe I'll even stop by the MPR booth and catch a glimpse of the rarely-photographed Mary Lucia.

Or maybe I won't do any of this. Maybe I am not actually attending the Minnesota State Fair tomorrow. Or maybe I am. If you plan on stalking me at the fairgrounds this Thursday, I'll be the guy wearing a blue shirt. Play along, it's sorta like 'Where's Waldo' but tougher.

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Beth said...

so glad you didn't forget the cheese curds... could you forget the WCCO booth?