Thursday, August 03, 2006

Did they let it happen?

Were the September 11th attacks of 2001 allowed to happen? Were they even an inside job? A growing number of Americans and even those who were on the September 11th panel are now doubting the official story put forth by the Pentagon. When Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice states that something on the scale of these 'attacks' were unimaginable only to find out that she was in possession of memos and warnings up to 50 times before the September attacks warning that terrorists were planning to use hijacked jets to fly into buildings, should we have an increased doubt of the 'official story'?

Why were fighter jets told to stand down as the commercial jets were terribly off course? It is almost too convenient that war games mimmicking the scenarios of the attacks were planned for the very same day and time as the actual 'attacks'.

It is also mysterios why, in front of possibly the most security camera canvassed building in America, there is absolutely no footage of the supposed jet crashing into a conveniently vacant portion of the Pentagon leaving no wreckage and only a small mark on the landscape.

How could a fire at the World Trade Center be hot enough to melt steel but cool enough to leave behind severed human fingers in tact enough to lift fingerprints from.

Was the collapse of World Trade Center 7, a building untouched by the attacks, a controlled demolition? Who profited from the insurance monies collected from the destruction of the building?

There are alot of unanswered questions and to fully trust our government, there need to be logical and transparent answers to them. Without the truth, how can you expect trust?


betmo said...

apparently, limbaugh's knickers are in a knot that we liberals would believe such nonsense. must be true.

SlimAdam said...

i saw a video about this and i can actually come up with a few reasons why this would be and that would not. i think in cases like this murphy's law and chaos theory come out and can be applied but who knows.