Thursday, August 10, 2006

The culture of fear continues

With today's apprehension of a group of suspected Al-Qaida terrorists bound for the U.S. from London, England, the call was made to raise America's color coded terror alert to orange across the board and RED for flights from England. It seems a bit too convenient for this to take place on the heels of the defeat of President Bush's favorite democrat, Joe Lieberman. I sniff a conspiracy here...

But what does the elevated terror alert mean? It means you can't bring liquids on flights. It means that you have to pack your toiletries such as toothpaste and mouthwash and hair gel in your checked luggage. A minor inconvenience if you know of these things ahead of time but a major boon for airport stores which sell such items with enormous markups. A major boon, too, for airlines as their now parched patrons will have to pester frazzled flight attendants to get a bottle of water.

Who's to say that the airlines aren't in on this? Maybe the flight attendants are filling those cute little 8 ounce bottles of Dasani water full of liquid explosives which the very terrorists who were thwarted supposedly planned on using.

It is just too convenient in an all too inconvenient way. This just means that the next time I fly that I will be unable to properly hydrate myself on that 16 hour flight. Another suggestion is to actually explain the color coded terror alert system and nail down the guidelines pertaining to how and why it changes so willy nilly. Does yellow work like a stoplight meaning to proceed with caution? Does red mean to look both ways before barreling through an intersection? Does orange mean watch out for construction personnel who aren't actually doing anything except moving the very barriers you are trying to avoid? Is there a green on the alert system? Maybe use a thermometer-like scale, people understand that symbolism.

To me, though, it means that nothing has changed. Planes have always been the target of hijackers, why is it such an immense deal under the regime of FEAR?

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betmo said...

huh- those were my first thoughts too- how many of us are there? hopefully enough to make a difference in november. we aren't afraid and we are tired of lies to make us afraid!