Friday, August 11, 2006

Celebrity sighting at Culver's

As I waited from my sack o' food last evening in the Culver's drive-thru across from Canterbury Park in Shakopee, I noticed a recognizable face strutting up the sidewalk towards the door of the regionally famous burger joint.

Much to my amazement, as I glanced a second time, I recognized the backwards kanga-style hat (AKA a 'cabbie' hat in my terminology) from a gentleman I have seen a couple times a week when I actually watch the FOX 9 5 0'clock news. Plus I listen religiously to his radio show, but I am far from Dahmer-like. I'm not going to drag him out on the back nine of The Wilds golf course, lobotomize him and turn him into my sex slave. Far from it.

The famous and weathered face I saw was none other than KFAN's Dan 'The Common Man' Cole.

If you were wondering, he walked out with a sundae and, I can only assume, went back to Canterbury Park for what was likely some Texas Hold 'Em.

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