Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Attack of the enormous logos

Newscorp must have a vendetta. Their owned and operated stations FOX affiliates have recently adopted a corporately-mandated graphics package that imitates the style of their Fox News Channel graphics package. While this makes sense in branding your products across multiple platforms, the existing logo wasn't exactly broken. Hell, it wasn't even old. The local FOX affiliate (KMSP) only affiliated with the network in 2002. Four years does not a broken logo make.

Regardless, they adopted what I can only define as a combination of an ultra-modern, 3-D, motion graphic with hints of a retro design. If it sounds confusing, it looks much the same. In short, the person who mandated this design (a designer would never have allowed such a wretched mish-mash of crap to ever see the light of day but is always at the mercy of the occasional tasteless client) would be best rewarded by being hit full speed by a cow catcher on the front of a D, M & E coal train locomotive.

Their affiliated and newly created logo package for My Network TV isn't much better. At least it is an entirely new creation, not something rehashed from an existing design... plus it has nearly no expectations.

That being said, the appearance of the above-mentioned logos on the television screen is intrusive to say the least. Thank God our TV is sizeable, I feel sorry for the poor schmuck trying to watch anything on the 13 inch Daewoo mounted in the kitchen. The My29 logo (WFTC locally) is hardly a ghosted version of the original. It sits, in all its hulking glory, in the lower right corner of the screen as I watch The Simpsons, drawing my attention from the hijinks or Bart to the gawdiness of the not-so-ghosted logo. Try it, it will eventually get on your nerves. OK, at least it's better than the ever-present, ever-moving FOX logo.

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