Wednesday, July 19, 2006

News that really affects you

Is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' beach bal, um er, baby real? After months of never seeing the elusive Suri Cruise, it is seeming more and more likely that the pregnant belly of Katie Holmes was nothing more than a specially designed pillow or enormous growth from her love of Chipotle.
Now there is a rather poor picture floating around the internets of Katie Holmes akwardly holding what appears to be a rather large infant or as the original author stated, a sack of potatoes (I think they are Idaho Russets).

Sure, there are other things more pressing happening in the world today but for some who simply adore the Scientology-obsessed wacko Tom Cruise for his oh-so-stellar performances in the Mission Impossible series of films.

As for the photo, an obvious fake. It's of horrendous quality and poorly faked, it has National Enquirer scam written all over it. I just hope somebody in the papparazzi world raked in a few thousand bucks for this shitty picture.

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