Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How to spend Minnesota's budget surplus

After years of rising property taxes and the institution of a cigarette tax or as Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty would rather call it, a FEE, Minnesota has a budget surplus for the next fiscal year.

Now the debate can begin on how to spend or not spend the surplus. Sure, some will argue that it should be spent on education or transportation. We could clean up the environment to some degree or bring tax relief to the middle class. I say spend it on something of value. Spend it on something that screams MINNESOTA.

Minnesota needs an icon. Sure we are known as the land of 10,000 lakes. It even says it on our license plates. I feel that Minnesota needs some spice, some pizzazz, some sparkle.

I propose that we build giant bronze walleye statues at the state's major points of entry. Give the walleye a catchy name such as Willy and make sure he has a toothy grin sporting a prominent gold tooth. He also needs to be wearing a t-shirt, it should say 'Minnesota Nice'. It would be a welcome sight for travelers as they proceed into the land of never-ending road construction and tailgaiting asshole solo drivers in Hummers.

Yes, 'Wally the Walleye' wearing some 'Minnesota Nice'.

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