Monday, July 31, 2006

The greatest coming undone ever

City Pages writer Jim Walsh had a column in last week's issue where he interspersed an interview with dying alternative energy renaissance man Donald Johnson. Johnson, who has jaw cancer, tonge cancer and cancer of his lymph nodes is an advocate (and has been for nearly 40 years) of alternative energy.

His statement that the damage has been done and his recollection of saying numerous decades ago that the exhaust from our automobiles insn't heading for outer space but is building within our own atmosphere is more correct and easily seen than ever. A person, even the most narrow minded, would be hard pressed to deny that our metropolitan areas are dirtier than ever and when the air can't be seen through that there is a true problem.

Johnson states, and I agree, that the damage can't be undone quickly. This is well over a 100 year fix now. We have burdened ourselves with an addiction to fossil fuels and the burning of those carbon-based fuels isn't slowing down but increasing -- even as the prices skyrocket.

The burden of this damage isn't going to be on him or my parents but myself and my eventual family. We will be the ones to deal with the changes from the damage done in the past century. While some pricks ( will disagree and say that we should use more oil and coal and that it doesn't pollute at all, many see thing in a different light. A light clouded with the haze from our fossil fuel addiction that has already doomed this planet unless we change.

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