Thursday, July 13, 2006

Government shows supreme idiocy

How in the holy hell does a Kangaroo Conservatory make its way on to the list of possible terrorism targets?

This is the finest example yet of how broken our nation's system of distributing 'terrorism prevention funds' truly is. The fact that other possibilities of terror included a petting zoo and a baked bean festival are so stupid to be targets that there has to be some obviously logical connection to the laughability of the supposed targets and the day of the week.


What, then, is the explanation?

The government is, of course, interested in spending our tax money as foolishly as possible and proud when this sort of bullshit makes headlines. The sad fact, though, is that the government has spent so much money on crazy crap that doesn't make the news that the money being spent to list a frickin' kangaroo conservatory and petting zoo as terrorist targets and he funds being spent to supply the town these idiotic 'targets' lie in with hazardous materials suits and army tanks to defeat the terrorists in some place as populated as Boone, Iowa is actually being borrowed from China and Japan because our tax money from 2006 was spent in 1973.

Oh how I suddenly have a great disdain for kangaroos.

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