Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush hates life

As President George Bush prepares to veto the first piece of legislation to cross his desk in over five years as president, he proves just how anti-science he truly is.

Rather than use excess embryos created for fertility-challenged couples in scientific research, he is clearly stating that he would rather see the embryos burned as the excess fetuses normally are.

Rather than give scientists across the country the go-ahead to further their research towards curing diseases and disabilities such as cancer or paralysis, Bush is stifling the research that could lead to a better tomorrow for millions of people.

I am sure that some will equate the possibility of stem cell research to that of killing un-implanted embryos in the same manner as abortion. Well, folks, the fertility clinics in which these embryos are grown are seen as disposable by those in their respective areas as it is. Why not use what will become landfill waste for something productive?

The answer isn't clear. Maybe Bush is afraid that that with this science, people would be able to strap him down and fix his obvious mental deficiencies and Bush is clearly afraid of having any form of intelect.

Fear. George Bush is afraid of progress. And science. And horses...

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SlimAdam said...

horses with wings. now there's some scary shit!