Friday, April 07, 2006

Music Friday is here...

Today's musical topic isn't what my ears are being treated to, a list of recently played from the iPod or anything about radio. Today it's a commentary about a commentary.

I was pleased to read as Jack Sparks (of the City Pages) unloaded on Kenny Chesney and even a jab at payola in country music and local country and Clear Channel flagship K102. Hi scommentary on how untalented youngsters who are selling flash and sex appeal are ruining country music (a genre I haven't paid much attention to for the better part of a decade) and driving out the singer/songwriter types whom radio stations won't play.

I love a good, strongly worded rip on something and this was right up my alley as Sparks quoted country legends seemingly without taking a breath (yea, it can be conveyed it writing). It is a well-worded and convincing piece that got me to check out the music of Neko Case (and not just because she is a featured name with the collaborative group 'The New Pornographers') whose voice and songwriting is simply perfect.

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