Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Minnesota Twins should be traded to Las Vegas

Tuesday evening was the season opening for the Minnesota Twins.

They might as well hang up their cleats. Saying that they sucked would be the biggest understatement of all time.

With a pitching staff whose crown jewel is Brad Radke, they need some help. After the opening game and seeing their performance, now is the time to plan ahead for the upcoming off season.

The next 161 games will be brutal as this is obviously a rebuilding season but the question remains, what exactly are they rebuilding from? Regardless, 161 games left but all we, as fans, can do is wait.

A terrible team playing in a terrible stadium with hordes of terrible fans who jump ship at the slightest sign of a loss in a terrible city who fails to support them when they need the support the most.

Maybe, after seeing that opening game of the 2006 season, we can trade the Minnesota Twins franchise to Las Vegas in exchange for some prostitutes for our lovable Minnesota Vikings team.

Oh, wait, the Vikings got rid of official party planner Daunte Culpepper to make the white liberal media happy. Now the time of scandals has drawn to a close.

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