Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Couric to CBS Evening News

It's old news already but the all too perky and bubbly Katie Couric is pulling up stakes at NBC's Today Show. She announced it on the air this morning fifteen years to the day after her initial appearance as co-host of the morning show.

She is pulling off a bit of a milestone in network news by being the first female to anchor a network newscast on a solo basis and pulling down a cool $15 million for the gig.

While the future plans for 'The Today Show' are being cloaked in secrecy, speculation abounds that the show's news reporter, Ann Curry, will slide into the prestigious but unenviable morning co-host slot.

Curry would be a familiar face but as history goes, the sucessor to a long-time host usually doesn't last long. Who remembers Jane Pauley? Alot of people, right? Now who remembers her short-lived successor, Deborah Norville? Deborah WHO? Oh, yea, she was on 'Inside Edition' (which, coincidentally, also featured one Bill O'Reilly as anchor, still trust him?).

As for the CBS Evening News, who knows its future.

Ooooh, oooh, I do, I do....

The evening news is dead. Who in America has thirty minutes to spare at 5:30 in the afternoon to sit down and watch a recap of the day's events? Not me. Sure, I am generally home between 4:30 and 6:30 PM and could give a shit less what some stuffed suit retelling the news has to say. I can click a link on Google at a slow point during my day at work or home and scan some headlines, check the local newspaper's headlines at a glance and read what peaks my interest.

It's sad to say but the attention span of Americans, as well as the time they can devote to much of anything, is rapidly declining. Unless the format of the network news is changed drastically, it is dead in the water.

It can be rebuilt, we have the technology...


SlimAdam said...

your a douche for the spril fools joke! but way to go on completing my mission assignment(i went to see what the link was and was like 'that's my site!' i'm kinda slow sometimes). um gotta say this cause south park is on right now and they are hardcore bashing fam. guy- i love south park and they've almost convinced me to stop watching peter and troup.

Brian said...

I have never denied being a bit of a douche but I will NEVER quit watching Family Guy. It's alot funnier than The Simpsons who lost their spark around the time when Barney parked Homer's car at the World Trade Center... what season was that because the WFTC 29 reruns are much more recent, and sucky, seasons.