Friday, April 07, 2006

Can a revolution be far away?

I have to believe that with the skyrocketing costs of college tuition as well as fuel prices and INSANE healthcare costs the only young 'conservatives' who are jumping on the neo-con sleighride to hell are those who are living on mommy and daddy's dime and have had everything handed to them.

I only hope, and I don't rarely wish someone ill will, that these up and comers hit the real world and get figuratively punched square in the jaw when ma and pa are no longer footing the bill for their life after college.

There is definitely a movement among the younger generation; our country's future leader, doers and thinkers; (I hope) to reform the way things are done in America. A push to reform college tuition costs, a push towards energy innovation and alternative fuels and a major revolution in the way healthcare in America is paid for and instituted.

The above items, three of which are a NECESSITY to live even the most meager of life, are the three items which are some of the most out of control in terms of cost. With a near-70% increase in healthcare premiums for a family since 2000, something needs to be done. The average person receiving a measly three percent annual pay increase cannot keep up with one, much less three, of these items increasing with out reaching a breaking point.

I only hope that there is intervention and a solution before our country cracks under the stranglehold of these three necessities.

It sure is hell to imagine having to choose between your next meal or gas for your car.

Let's pray it doesn't get that far or a revolt is sure to be just over the next hill.

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