Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Attack Iran -- NOW

Now that we have ended diplomatic talks with Iran we can bomb the fuck out of another country and invade it and spread some much-needed democracy further across the middle-east. And in the process we can pay for the war with profits from their oil and restore an American vision or order and democracy to another country.

First off, I must have missed the endless nailbiting during the ongoing communication with Iran. Oh, really, we never really tried? I am sure that they were hostile and refused to communicate. They weren't? They actually initiated communications but the U.S. was unwilling to talk? Huh.

There must have been a misunderstanding in the language difference because I know for sure that the Bush administration would never make a snap decision based on nothing more than a feeling to begin to take steps towards invading a country. At least there is comfort in that.

Hell, Iran is obviously manufacturing a nuclear bomb and the only logical target would be the United States.

Take the steps to invade Iran. It's the only logical decision. We tried endless diplomatic talks and they haven't allowed any of our inspection teams within the borders to explore their nuclear capabilities.

What? You say we should talk? We never tried to inspect their nuclear capabilities? Oh, well. We still need to nip this in the bud.

The one good thing here is that the oil prices continue to escalate with every MENTION of Iran. See, prices just jumped 37 cents per barrel. Pretty cool... I feel comforted that the Bush administration is constantly looking out for their business interest and those of their friends. I don't mind paying 80 cents more per gallon for gas than a year ago because it is in our best interests that the prices go up. It makes it tougher for terrorists to travel within our borders or even enter in the first place. Plus, we'll profit BIG TIME after we take Iran and their oil and make it our own. Who will be laughing then?!?

Thank GOD we are instigators who stop at nothing to SMACK DOWN any mere MENTION of a threat with military force.

In fact, I hope that with my numerous mentions of... IRAN, IRAN, IRAN, that oil jumped a couple bucks per barrel. That will show the terrorists and the Iranians.


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