Thursday, March 23, 2006

A world without art

In the conservative mindset, any college degree with 'art' in its title is a waste. A person holding this degree, in thier minds, will lead to nothing of any significance in the world. A degree containing the phrase 'art' is worthless to conservatives and will lead to nothing more than more liberals who will whine about everything that they don't agree with and continue to divide the country.

That is why conservatives are bitter. The hate the idea of creativity. Would you want to live in a world without creativity? A degree, in any form, with 'art' in its title usually leads people to creative careers. I work as a graphic artist/designer (the lines are easily blurred and titles are seen to some as interchangeable) and couldn't imagine a world where this career option, or people to fill it, didn't exist. Product packaging wouuld be plain and boring with no visual appeal. Newspapers would be endless columns of grey text broken up only by the occasional headline or black and white photo.

Humans, by nature, are visually stimulated. They are attracted to colors, patterns and a combination of the two. Something packaged in an appealing and attractive manner, more often than not by using color in a creative way, is much more likely to sell in a competitive marketplace. Creating the marketing materials to attract customers to this product isn't only a job or career, it is a form of art. Many will differ in opinion as to what constitutes art. To most, they think of a 'painting' created using oil or acrylic paints on canvas or another substrate. To others, though, in our rapidly evolving world, they see art as anything where thought was put into the creative process.

Art can come in anything. On occassion, I even by chance create something (albeit once per year) worthy of being called art. In the end, it moves a product or draws customers but it is visually appealing and meant to stand out from the crowd.

Imagine a world where everything looks the same on the outside. To the conservatives who think this way, the creative world will always exist. How many individuals who work in creative fields (computer programmers, game designers, artists, painters, sculptors, architects, musicians) would identify themselves as having a conservative mindset? I would venture to say only a small percentage.

We are the thinkers, the dreamers, the imaginitive force guiding advancement of this country and the world. Without the liberals (not too many are war protesting, hybrid-car driving, hippie-like beatniks) who are drawn to creative fields, the world would be rather dull. It's not all about politics but I feel that these careers lean towards a certain mindset and I am happy and proud to be involved in my career.


moderate said...

what a dull world without Beethoven or VanGogh...


Conservatives are a boring bunch.

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