Thursday, March 23, 2006

The word of the day is 'censure'

Wisconsin senator Russ Feingold has balls. His recent proposal to censure George W. Bush isn't off base at all.

The facts are that Bush circumvented the law which states that a warrant must be obtained to proceed with wiretapping. As he pissed on the constitution and went forth with his own lawless ways, he felt safe.

Well, Bush got busted. He can call out as many patsies as he wants but the simple fact remains that as president of the country, he is responsible for what takes place under his watch. It is possible that he was unaware of the warrant-less wiretapping but highly unlikely. He plays dumb very well and may in fact be just as dumb as he puts on but the truth is that he oversaw this illegal spying.

If it had happened twenty years ago, those responsible would have been put on trial. Suddenly in 2006 it is fine for our nation's president to blatantly ignore laws and the constitution to further his own agenda for personal gain.

Now you are thinking 'what did he gain?'. He gained personal gratification. He gained some sense of self-assurance that everything he has done, regardless of its legality, was right because it takes another step in fighting the terrorists. How many have been caught in the past three years, Georgie? Whatever your tally is, it is a miniscule percentage of the total number roaming the earth plotting which building to blow up next.

While it may seem necessary to avoid some of the red tape involved in doing things in a legal manner, the fact remains that every citizen of this country is expected to follow the laws on the books. We don't pick and choose which ones to follow and when we do, we get caught and punished for breaking those particular laws.

You, Georgie, broke some laws. It's time to face the music and take your punishment like a fucking man. Mr. Feingold had the balls to call you on the carpet and the least you can do is confess and be sworn in, anyone else would have to testify under oath, you are not above the law.

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