Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday's evening round-up

Get stories straight before opening mouth

Bush was out and about today stumping in support of the war in Iraq. However, he has a history of sticking his foot in his mouth as you can see by clicking on the headlines here. The only definite word from this administration is that the nation's next president will inherit this badly bungled war stating that American troops will be in Iraq until AT LEAST 2008, if not longer.

President says he sees progress, but explaining where is difficult

Cheney says Iraq situation is improving

Bush defends Iraq policies, sees progress
President expects ‘more tough fighting,’ denies he always wanted war

Polls abound

A Pew Research Center/Slate poll has the majority of participants, in a landslide, favoring impeachment, not just censure, of Bush. Check it out for yourself and cast your vote. Those in the minority are the voters who have supported Bush all along and they feel any action would be inappropriate.

Iraqi occupation indefinite?

More than a few soldiers feel that with the current status of the war in Iraq and the extensive construction of permanent-seeming infrastructure to support the U.S. military, our nation's troops may be in Iraq for the long haul. To be fair, though, this story was written before Bush blatantly admitted to palnning to keep active-duty troops in Iraq until 2008 and beyond.

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