Saturday, March 25, 2006

Threatening e-mails bring possible end to Minvolved

I don't usually linger close to either home or a computer on most weekends but there was painting to be done today which involved being home.

While that isn't the point, I definitely do have one.

Hatred. It seems to have reared its ugly head in the face of a Minnesota blogger recently. Mr. Sponge, of Clever Peasantry fame (to your right, now defunct) has posted the rather cloudy details on his Minvolved site. After receiving two anonymous e-mails (hat tip to CP Blotter) from Hotmail accounts which reportedly threatened both his children and his wife and went as far as to detail where his wife worked, Mr. Sponge has pulled the plug.

Nobody should have to deal with anonymous threats from some wacko who wanted to use fear as a tool of power and by oulling out of Minvolved, Mr. Sponge has done just that. It just isn't worth some faceless and nameless person threatening your family.

Thanks, Mr. Sponge, for some wonderful reading over at Clever Peasantry. I hope someone steps up to take the reigns of Minvolved.

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