Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Scarlett Johansson voted sexy

In news of the obvious, semi-popular men's magazine FHM has named actress Scarlett Johansson the sexiest woman alive.

I say that it's obvious because, in recent years, who else is there? Forget about Angelina Jolie. She's pregnant and pretty seriously fucked up, not to mention her rather odd past. You know the past I am speaking of -- kissing her brother at an awards ceremony, marrying Billy Bob Thornton...

Johansson rightfully receives the title of sexiest woman alive almost by default. Sure, I might cast a vote for former '24' actress Elisha Cuthbert due to her lack of a scandal-ridden life but I didn't vote.

I think, too, that Johansson received this 'title' for that very reason. Sure, she is young and a talented actress on the big screen but she hasn't done anything deemed weird or stupid yet. No quickie marriages or bizarre drunken behavior that seems to plague stars these days. She has a certain aura of innocence about her. She even risked her stardom by accepting a hosting slot at NBC's Saturday Night Live earlier this year. We've seen SNL and know that it doesn't just suck as of late, it can suck stars down with it.

Congrats. Steer clear of scandals and odd behavior and you'll be in much bigger movies than 'The Island' and receive endless critical acclaim for starring in something more impressive than 'Lost in Translation'.

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