Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Relationships sometimes aren't meant to be

It's never fair when a relationship ends prematurely. It's never fair when a relationship ends -- period.

Through my years I have witnessed and been part of heartache from time to time. Once is too much but it happens. You move on.

It hurts me to say that a topic I pondered back in January has again surfaced. One of my best friends, Softball Player Guy, is down on his luck to say the very least. His fiancee has decided that she needs to move on. The fact that they have been together longer than myself and Mary is hard to stomach. They had as much of a chance of lasting as anyone but when they pushed back the date of their wedding in January by one year, things began to look dark.

While she has moved on, I hope that Softball Player Guy gets through this rough patch. The saying goes that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all but that saying is shit. Nobody likes losing someone they love. While I do not nor do I care to know all the details from inside their relationship, I can hope that he just lets it out. I hope that he cries because that is one of the best releases I can think of, short of throwing a steel garbage can at a picnic table.

It's been a mere three weeks since I visited the old hometown. I had lunch with one of my oldest friends who now lives in Phoenix and saw my parents. I decided to give Softball Player Guy his space. I knew things were still rather shaky at that point but they seemed to be on the upswing.

I want to say more but I hate writing about relationships, especially those which seem to be over. Another chapter has apparently come to a close. It's sad but in the grand scheme of things maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Things happen for a reason. He is destined for a great life but this just wasn't the path that was meant to be taken.

I need to call him and just listen. At this point, opinions don't matter.

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