Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Couldn't Pat Robertson have been a mute?

As of late, I have been calm, cool and collected. I haven't had much in the way of outbursts but as with anyone with a short fuse, there is always SOMETHING just waiting to set me off. A rogue spark waiting to light that all-too-short fuse and blow up with no regard for the surroundings.

The happenings in the news are always something that can do just that. Put down your lighters. Stop striking pieces of found flint together in hopes of ignition. You won't even need a match. This flame is self-igniting.

What, you ask, is digging at my craw? What has my goat? (Don't get me started there, I don't even HAVE a goat to be gotten...) What is the thorn digging in my side?

How about attempts in politics to essentially reverse 30+ years of progress. I, of course, am talking about the coverage of South Dakota's bill banning abortion. It's set to go into effect this Summer and seems to have only been authored to set a precendent for a state-by-state attempts to roll back the landmark Roe V Wade decision of 1973.

It wouldn't be complete, though, unless wacko Pat Robertson used his 700 Club TV show to spout forth his opinion that another Supreme Court judge needs to vacate the bench before this measure will be repealed.

ROBERTSON: The way I understand it is that [Gov.] Haley Barbour [R] is going to sign one in Mississippi that would be comparable to South Dakota. And the whole idea there is to get a couple of the circuits ruling on this matter, because if you have a conflict on the circuits, it guarantees going to the Supreme Court. But it does seem that with the current makeup of the court, they still don't have as many judges as would be needed to overturn Roe. They need one more, and I dare say before the end of this year there will be another vacancy on the court. And this case will be percolating up the line to hit the court maybe in a year or so. So, that's what these governors are doing; they're setting up a challenge. But, it does seem pretty extreme. They don't have and rape or incest exception in there; it's just strictly the life of the mother. So, we'll see what happens
Another fine example of an asshole that can miraculously speak. All of his prayers must have been heard proving that their truly is a higher being running the show but why did this higher being allow crusty old bag of shit Pat Robertson to speak literally out his ass. Why couldn't Robertson instead have been a mute? The world would be a better place.

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