Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bruce Willis becomes loose cannon

In a recent press junket for the upcoming Bruce Willis flick '16 Blocks', Willis began the question and answer portion by spouting off his political views. His expletive laced rants which would have made George Carlin blush had nothing to do with publicity for his new film opening Friday in theaters.

Why do celebrities do this? While plenty calmly explain their political views and move on to the topic at hand, if politics is even brought up, some -- such as Tom Cruise and the recent Bruce Willis meltdown prove that some things are better left unsaid.

It seemed as though Willis had an axe to grind with nearly anyone whose name was recognizable from defending embellishing author James Frey for writing fiction and billing it as non-fiction to berating Oprah Winfrey for brow beating Frey on her show. Well, Mr. Willis, you should know by now whose ass to kiss and Oprah is a very powerful woman so you best ought to pucker up.

But Willis wasn't done yet. He went on to pick a bone with celebrity magazine rag 'Entertainment Weekly'. His less than kind words painted him into a corner by saying that they had essentially had a grudge against the actor since they began publishing. Again, Willis, realize whose ass to kiss.

In light of the childish actions by Willis, he should team up with wacked out scientologist Tom Cruise and ream Matt Lauer on how glib he is, go to Oprah Winfrey's studio in Chicago and hop on her couch then join together in the most unholy of Scientology weddings and live crazily ever after.

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