Friday, February 17, 2006

Stay away from 'Date Movie'

The terrorists will surely win if this weekend's new movie release of the attrocious looking 'Date Movie' is attended by even a fraction of the number of moviegoers who spent their cash to see Martin Lawrence's laugh-lacking 'Big Momma's House 2'.

Don't let them win. Do it for your country. Resist the urge to shell out eight bucks for 85 minutes of filmed shit as you pay four bucks for a soda worth thirty cents and a nickel's worth of popcorn for five bucks while surrounded with people who only come out at night for a reason.

Instead, spend your cash to see a flick about Cash. Johnny Cash, to be specific. 'Walk The Line', which I finally saw last weekend, is back in theaters and worth the money.


SlimAdam said...

what?! seriously...this flick looks funny. woulda thought of all my buds you'd agree. ass. johnny cash....won't be winning any oscars. the gay cowboys have that locked up.

Brian said...

Rock on gay cowboys! At least, from what I hear, Brokeback had some substance. Date Movie is yet another spoof flick like Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie. It's almost its own genre.